Announcing our 2014 SOMD BMX Point system.  To bring all our new families up to speed, we have an end of season banquet to honor our top 5 riders in each age category and also to give out other great track and novelty awards.  The banquet is usually held in January or February of the following year.  Below is this seasons criteria.

Open to all USABMX Registered riders.  (SOMD point tracking system is separate from USABMX). 

Must have a minimum of 20 races at SOMD BMX track.  (Season started March 15th)

Points will be calculated as follows:

1st Place = 10

2nd Place = 9

3rd Place = 8

4th Place = 7

5th Place = 6

6th Place = 5

7th Place = 4

8th Place = 3

Riders not qualifying for a main event will receive 1 point.

Double / Triple point races will follow the same point system. 

Awards will be based on age categories only.  NOT CLASS.  Age will be based on the age of the rider at the last race of the season.  This includes our Strider class.  We will also be featuring a rider of the month this season! 

Look for the March rider soon.

See us at the track if you have any questions.

We have been approved to race this Saturday to make up one of last weekends rainouts. Please note times.

SATURDAY – OPEN PRACTICE 9-12 AM. Open to ALL, FREE, riders must register. We’ll have some special morning concessions available also. Come check out SOMD BMX!



We are in need of a 24″ or higher flat screen TV so we can loop the brand new released ‘New Rider Video’ put out by USABMX. Having the TV will allow our riders and families to check out the video right away after registering allowing for more practice time before a race! The TV would be mounted next to registration for everyone to see.

We are also seeking a small DVD player.

Your donation will also give you sponsor status for the 2014 racing season! Please message back or call 301-356-0462 if you are interested in helping out.

As a registered 501 (c)(3), your donation is tax deductible.