Tuesday – 5WOT continues. 

Thursday – Pre-State Championship Clinic.  Spots are available, see our flyer posted last week and RSVP.  5:30-Dusk

Saturday – RACE- Registration, 12-1pm.  Racing ASAP.  Last SOMD race before the State Championship.  (5WOT clinic)  

Sunday.  SOMD BMX is closed.  Our friends down at VMP BMX in Petersburg VA wanted to remind all our riders and families about the Triple Point DK Gold Cup Qualifier happening.  All riders all levels can race at the DK Gold qualifier.  If you are chasing points or just want to experience a DK Gold Cup race then be sure to check this one out.

Reminder, September 19-20-21 is the State race weekend at CBMX.  Single on Fri, Dbl on Sat and State Championship Triple on Sunday!  Even if you are not planning to race, it would be great seeing as many SOMD families on Sunday the 21st representing and cheering on our SOMD BMX riders.

We are planning some great events after the State Championship, stay tuned!

SOMD BMX: Clinic, Thursday September 4th. “State Race Prep Clinic”. 5:30pm-7:30pm. Clinic Fee: $10.00. Experienced Novice, Int and Experts with valid memberships. See flyer for details.

SOMD BMX: RACE, Saturday, September 6th. Registration 1-2pm. Race Fee: $10.00

SOMD BMX: Clinic, Thursday September11th. “State Race Prep Clinic”. 5:30pm-7:30pm. Clinic Fee: $10.00. Experienced Novice, Int, and Experts with valid memberships. See flyer for details.

SOMD BMX: Race, Saturday, September 13th. Registration 12-1pm. Race Fee: $10.00

CBMX: Saturday, September 20th. Registration 10:30 – 12pm. State Championship Pre Race, Double. Race Fee: $25.00

*********CBMX: Sunday, September 21st. Registration 10:00-12:00pm. STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. Race Fee: $35.00*********

SOMD BMX: RACE, Sunday, September 28th. Registration 1-2pm. Race Fee: $10.00. Time to show off your State Plates!

As a whole, we take no pride in posting this, but it must be done and used as a reminder that USABMX and tracks around the USA and Canada are taking a stand and enforcing the ‘Rules of Conduct’ that are expected of our riders, parents, spectators and even our volunteers.

Last weekend, there was an unfortunate incident at Winchester BMX that led to the suspension of a “parent”. We do not have details other than USABMX has suspended this parent from all USABMX sanctioned tracks in the USA and Canada until further notice.

The full USABMX rule book is very accessible thru & We also have plenty of pocket size copies in registration.

This time of the season, with only a handful of races left on the schedule, it is typical for the competition to get a little tighter. Don’t ruin it as a rider or parent. Strive to continue to do the best you can and leave everything you have on the track. “It’s not about the win, it’s about the dream.”

XV. Rules of Conduct

Every rider must at all times observe such conduct as reflects the ideals of good sportsmanship and avoid any conduct which may bring himself or the sport of BMX into disrepute.

1. The use of radio assistance for any rider on the track is strictly prohibited.

2. A rider may be disqualified or suspended for his/her actions or the actions of his/her parent(s), or accompanying party.

3. A parent/guardian or accompanying party may have their event attendance privilege revoked for their own actions or actions of their rider(s).

4. A rider may be disqualified for team riding—letting another rider of same team or other affiliation pass so as to affect the overall outcome of any race.

5. A rider may be disqualified if any parent, team member, pit crew or other person physically assists that rider in any situation on the track during any qualifier or main.

6. Track crew members or any other person allowed on any areas of the track that are not open to all spectators, may not assist any rider physically, with verbal or non-verbal signals, or instructions that afford any rider an advantage over other riders on the track. A disqualification may result.

7. A rider may be suspended up to one year for damaging, stealing or destroying public or private property. (Parents, it is your responsibility to control a minor’s actions.)

8. A rider found intentionally misrepresenting his/her age may be suspended for up to one full year.

9. A rider competing in place of another rider shall receive a one-year suspension along with the rider he/she has replaced.

10. A rider misrepresenting his/her presence at any race (“ghostrider”) will not be scored for that event and may face suspension. Additionally, any class that is illegally formed with
a “ghost rider” will forfeit all points. Adding ghost riders to

To all our veteran and new families. Your membership and/or renewal are very important to your home track. Each racing season, USABMX tracks what they call, ‘Track Points’. These are different than your rider points.

Track Points are award to tracks for new memberships, renewals, and riders moving up in class. As we enter deeper into the season, there are tracks out there that will do whatever it takes to gain more points.

When you are filling out a new or renewal membership, be sure to mention your home track so they receive the proper credit. You have this choice. Don’t let any other USABMX track tell you otherwise. When they print out your receipt, you will see the track name on it. If it does not say the track you asked for, then tell them and then contact USABMX right away to have it corrected.

What does this all mean?

Awards and recognition are given out each year by USABMX for top tracks in the country. For the first time (EVER), SOMD BMX is on the map. We’ve gone from a perennial bottom 10% track to the first time ever, a top 10% on the East Coast. We’ve done this with the help of some dedicated volunteers and the great families that have helped spread the word.

Lets keep the pace and do our part in playing a fair game when it comes to memberships.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact Kyle Lightbown or see him at the track.

Thank you,