Our Haloween Committee is going to top last years event!  Plan to come out and have some fun.  This event is open to all, you do not need a membership to have come out.  Bring some friends and show off the track and have fun. 

visit us on Facecook @SOMDBMX or Instagram:  @somdbmx for event details.




Pretty exciting news to share.

The other side of SOMD BMX that most riders don’t get a chance to hear, is the relationship that has been built this season with St. Mary’s County Recreation and Parks Department. Having a BMX track inside a county park is often seen as a limitation for a track to grow its ridership, not for us. Our board has worked tirelessly this season mapping out future track improvements and presenting them to the county. Some improvements were obvious, such as the Strider track. Be assured though, there are many more improvements on the table that will help pave the road for the future of SOMD BMX.

This leads us to share this update. The official point season with USABMX ends December 15th. Traditionally, our track has shut down in mid-November due to being in a county park. We have been approved to continue our racing season thru the December 13th/14th weekend. It might get cold out but our goal is to give riders the best opportunity to continue competing towards the race for the final district standings for the 2014 season.

We will a post a schedule update within the next few weeks. Racing between mid-November thru mid-December will be limited to weekend day(s) only.

Thank you to our volunteers who have stepped up this season. We would not be where we are without each of you.

We dropped the Strider gate and the track is just too wet to finish racing today. The remainder of the race will take place tomorrow, Sunday at 1:15pm.

We will also have our regularly scheduled race once the makeup race is complete.

Track will open at 12:30 tomorrow. That will be your chance to get some pre-race practice in.

See you tomorrow.

We are going to make a decision on 12:00pm on today’s race. If you would like to pre-register, you can call or text the following information. You can do this at any time before 3pm today.

If it is found that today’s race needs to be canceled once the Striders hit the track, then the remainder of the race will be run on Sunday at 1:00pm, before our regularly scheduled race.

We encourage ALL riders to pre-register before hitting the road today.

Rider Name


Class Rider #

Call or text: 301-356-0462 or 240-925-1450

Thank you,

We are closing in on the end of the season and the competition on the track is getting fierce. Earning track points is just as fierce.

It is every tracks responsibility to uphold the highest level of integrity in our sport. Although the membership process has evolved in a positive direction the past few years, we are still a little ways away from having a level playing field throughout this sport.  Track layouts change from track to track but the administrative process of memberships and renewals should be the same.

Back in August, we posted a message about ‘Track Points vs Rider Points” and what they meant for your local track.  If you haven’t read it already, it is still available thru our webpage.

Tracks are encouraged to be creative yet stay within the parameters set by our Sanction.  In the past week, we have been informed of a few cases of members receiving some mis-guided information. This is unfortunate and in the end, affects our sport as a whole. We will do our best to assist in resolving these cases but in the end, it will be up to you to contact USABMX directly to voice your concern.

We STRONGLY encourage you to review your membership card and check for the expiration. If your card is coming up on expiratio, then we STRONGLY encourage you go directly to USABMX renewal page to process your renewal and select the track of your choice. https://www.usabmx.com/site/bmx_registrations/new

If you prefer renewing at the track, you have the right to select your home track on the membership renewal form regardless of the track that is processing the renewal.  For example, say a rider is visiting SOMD BMX and his/her membership is up for renewal.  The rider informs registration that his home track is Rad Canyon.  It is then our responsibility to correct the renewal form and put Rad Canyon as the customer requested.  We owe it to the members and thier families to do the right thing.

We have plenty of races left in our season and we remain focused on recruiting, retaining and developing BMX racer.  It has been an awesome year for SOMD BMX becasue of you.

If you have any questions regarding the  memberships or renewal process,do not hesitate to reach out to me.  If you feel you have been given mis-guided information by me or any other track, then I encourage you to contact Brad Hamblin at USABMX to voice your concern.  Your voice is what will make the sport continue to grow.

“It’s not about the win, it’s about the dream”

My best,

Kyle Lightbown

Track Director